Open Source

From languages to frameworks, platforms and infrastructures, Open Source is everywhere. That's why we contribute to those projects, helping them achieve better performance and reliablity!


Open Source projects are community-driven, and each project has its own rules, governance models, code styles and other particularities. It’s important to communicate with those projects' communities, giving them usage feedbacks to help developers improve the most important pieces, or avoid breaking an API during a major release.

Those communities are very open and welcoming, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to newcomers to interact with them. That’s why we have a set of professionals familiar with and participating in these communities. We can help your company make the right choices on how and when to contact these communities or start contributing to their projects.



Projects we created or contribute to

Node.js Project logo

Node.js Project

Sthima is an active collaborator in the Node.js Project, especially working on diagnostic capabilites for Node Core.

llnode logo


llnode is a tool for post-mortem debugging of Node.js applications

libstapsdt logo


libstapsdt provides an easy way to add low overhead tracepoints to dynamic languages on Linux.

Django Swiss Knife logo

Django Swiss Knife

Django Swiss Knife is a collection of tools and helpers to create faster Django applications

TG Profiler logo

TG Profiler

TG Profiler is a low-overhead memory profiler for TurboGears 1 applications

Django Skeleton logo

Django Skeleton

Django Skeleton is a improved Django template to quickly bootstrap your Django project

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